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Enables stable portfolio diversification without converting to fiat currency


Offers a share of net profits from rental income and asset appreciation


Access to property ownership to those previously locked-out


Offers exposure to real estate for all


A more liquid solution to traditional real estate investment


Provides asset-backed security to your cryptocurrency portfolio


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PropCoin provides investors with the opportunity to obtain passive exposure to cryptocurrencies, whilst benefiting from the stability of an asset-backed security.

PropCoin also allows investors the opportunity to hedge against volatility in the cryptocurrency markets, without incurring the frictional costs of converting their holdings into fiat.
PropCoin Tokens are built upon the Ethereum network and PropCoin has created an Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know- Your-Client (KYC) compliant cryptocurrency which is asset-backed through real estate.

In return, following the Full STO, holders of PropCoin Tokens will benefit from both capital growth and rental income, in a similar fashion to a traditional REIT, but with the added benefit of increased liquidity, no minimum investment thresholds and lower overall fees.
The PropCoin Token is envisaged to enable the holder to gain exposure to a property fund which will focus on income generating real estate assets across a range of sectors and geographies in the UK.

These investments will be professionally managed and advised by our appointed property consultant (Gerald Eve LLP), initially deployed into existing property funds with direct investments to be made subsequently, so that a low-risk blended yield can be returned to token holders by way of dividend on a regular basis.

PropCoin’s approach combines the strength of two existing sectors by providing greater stability and income generation to cryptocurrencies whilst also delivering increased liquidity to the real estate market.
How it works

Contribute to the STO

Send Ethereum, Bitcoin or Fiat currencies and in turn receive PropCoin tokens.

Exposure to Real Estate

Working with Gerald Eve, PropCoin will invest in UK property.

Receive Dividends

Benefit from rental income by receiving dividends in the form of Ether airdrops.


Stability and security through an asset-backed cryptocurrency.

0% Team Allocation

0% of PropCoin Tokens will be distributed to the team and advisors.


Partnered with leading legal and tax advisory firms to create a fully regulatory compliant crypto solution.

Fund Management

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PropCoin will issue 100% of the Tokens to participants in the Pre-STO and Full STO and not retain any Tokens for the development team. PropCoin generates its income from management of the underlying assets.
Upon issuance PropCoin will receive a one-off issuance fee of up to 5% of the NAV (on Full STO funds only). This fee will be used to support the upfront costs of property purchases, legal & compliance costs and property fund setup costs.
Asset Management Fee: PropCoin will be entitled to receive an asset management fee (AMF). The AMF is based on a percentage of total funds. A 2% fee will be paid to PropCoin over the course of the year and will be used to cover on-going business costs.

Recent Events



Investment from Pi Labs

PropCoin selected to be part of Pi Lab's 'Cohort 6' - a highly selective start-up accelerator run by Europe's first venture capital fund that focuses purely on property tech.

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The PropCoin Pre-STO is open to participation from sophisticated investors, high net worth investors and restricted investors who meet certain criteria.


Pre-STO investment

Pre-STO funds will be used to build and establish the platform for investment. Unlike other STOs, PropCoin will not provide a discount, but early investors will be rewarded with a superior dividend over the lifetime of their holding.


Main STO opens

Following consultations with our legal and tax advisors, PropCoin will launch our full STO. This will be compliant from a regulatory perspective and all investors will have to complete both KYC and AML checks.


Funds deployed

The full sum raised during th will be invested into property projects.


Dividend paid

Returns generated from rental income and property capital growth will be distributed to coin holders in the form of an Ethereum airdrop.


Fund management

Leveraging our network of property, legal and financial advisors, the fund will be managed according to prevailing financial conditions.

Token Details

Name: PropCoin
Symbol: PRP
Hard cap: $70 million USD
Max potential supply: 70 million PRP
Tokens for sale: 70 million PRP
Token price: $1
Team allocation: 0 PRP
Technical specification: ERC 20 token

Property Strategy

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Approach: Our principal aim is to invest in the UK commercial real estate sectors of office, industrial, retail and alternatives. Other property asset classes may also be considered as part of a balanced portfolio, which focuses on delivering secure income and enhancing the overall NAV.

We aim to invest in real estate which offers sustainable and favourable supply and demand characteristics. Selected properties should offer good long-term fundamentals in terms of location, specification and the potential for both income and capital growth. Opportunities for active asset management will also form a key part of the strategy. PropCoin aims to ensure a low risk blended yield which can be returned to tokenholders by way of a dividend on a regular basis.

The strategy is focused on the following key objectives:
  • Calculated investment
  • Balanced portfolio across asset classes and regions
  • Minimise portfolio risk through effective management
Upon issuance PropCoin will receive a one-off issuance fee of up to 5% of the NAV (on Full STO funds only). This fee will be used to support the upfront costs of property purchases, legal & compliance costs and property fund setup costs.
Asset Management Fee: PropCoin will be entitled to receive an asset management fee (AMF). The AMF is based on a percentage of total funds. A 2% fee will be paid to PropCoin over the course of the year and will be used to cover on-going business costs.

Performance Fee: PropCoin will receive a 20% performance fee over a hurdle rate of 3% net annual yield, to align the interests of PropCoin with tokenholders.
Typical Investment Process


Contribute in cryptocurrency or Fiat to the Full STO


Receive PropCoin Tokens as a representation of your share of the fund


PropCoin converts any crypto to Fiat currency at the time of contribution


Benefit from a blend of capital growth as well as rental returns from property investments


PropCoin converts income generated into Ethereum to airdrop back to tokenholders


Deploy funds into the property market providing tokenholders with an asset-backed token

PropCoin Team

Town Planner with a Masters of Real Estate from University of Manchester. He was formerly at JLL in Manchester working within the Planning and Development team with a primary focus on residential, commercial and retail schemes. Peter has been involved in Bitcoin since 2013.

MRICS accredited Surveyor with 5 years of experience in the real estate sector. Tom worked in the JLL National Investment team and was involved in buying and selling; portfolios, development land and single assets. Tom also previously advised from within JLL in Manchester.

Currently part of Barclays UK Ventures investing in FinTech opportunities. Formerly an Investment Banker at Gleacher Shacklock and N M Rothschild providing corporate finance and M&A advice. Angus holds a Masters of Engineering from the University of Durham.

Faisal Butt is a Mayfair based entrepreneur and venture capital investor. He is the founder of Spire Ventures (a property focused private equity boutique) and Pi Labs (a PropTech focused venture capital firm who are the seed investors in PropCoin). Faisal invests in property services businesses, property joint ventures, and PropTech ventures with high growth potential.

Faisal Butt

Entrepreneur & Venture Capital Investor

Founder of JDickinson Consulting, a specialist advisory business designed to help start-up companies. John has a wealth of knowledge around assisting start-ups through the growth phase and onto scale, with assistance in B2B relationships and bringing the right individuals into the business at the right time. Recently assisted businesses across the Crypto, FinTech and RegTech sectors.

John Dickinson

Investment Advisor

Professional cryptocurrency trader and researcher, Mattia has an MSc in Investment Management and has been an active trader in the space since 2012. Founder of Bitstoxx, the first attempt of a blockchain based stock exchange in 2014, and founder of one of the biggest cryptocurrencies traders communities in London. Previously worked on Blockchain initiatives at Societe Generale.

Mattia Rizzi

Cryptocurrency Advisor

Sulman Khan is a Corporate Development Director at Close Brothers Group PLC, focusing on principal transactions and strategic projects. Previously Sulman served as a director in the Investment Banking team at Gleacher Shacklock where he focused on UK FI clients. Sulman also spent many years at Barclays PLC where he served in the group M&A team and latterly as CFO of a FinTech initiatives division.

Sulman Khan

Corporate Development Professional

Gerald Eve

Robert Davies

Robert is a Partner at Gerald Eve, specialising in property development consultancy. Robert has a focus on maximising returns and optimising value from property assets through the implementation of bespoke strategies. Robert has a national remit and works with teams across the business on acquisition, disposal and consultancy programmes, for a broad range of national and international real estate owners, developers and funds.

Andrew Crow

Andrew Crow is a Partner in Gerald Eve’s West End office in London. Andrew specialises in central London planning and development consultancy, acting for a wide range of private, public and charity clients. Andrew has a keen interest in tokenised assets and all things Prop-Tech related. .